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Masterstudium in Gesellschaft und Soziales - Development Studies

Development Studies (M.A.)

Methods and theories of Development Studies

Ein Modul beschäftigt sich mit qualitativen und quantitativen Forschungsmethoden.

Stuzubi Stellenbörse

Studiengang der Universität Passau

Studieninhalte (Pflichtfächer)

      1st semester (30 ECTS credits)

      • Methods and theories of Development Studies
      • Interdisciplinary seminar
      • Qualitative and quantitative research methods

      2nd and 3rd semesters (65 ECTS credits)

      • Qualitative and quantitative research methods
      • Research seminar
      • Elective modules (e.g. sociology, economics, sustainability of resources, political science, Southeast Asian studies)
      • Languages and additional study skills courses

      4th semester (25 ECTS credits)

      • Field research
      • Master’s thesis
      • A research colloquium with internationally renowned guest speakers is offered each semester.


      If desired, you may choose to specialise in: Development Economics or Southeast Asian Studies


      Regelstudiendauer: 4 Semester

      Zugang zum Studium

      A first (Bachelor’s or equivalent) university degree in social sciences, economics or business studies, i.e. in one of the following disciplines: anthropology, demography, empirical social and human geography, sociology, administrative science, economics, business studies/administration, or any other equivalent degree with a minimum of 60 ECTS credits in one or several of these disciplines. This first degree must have been obtained as part of a programme of study with a minimum standard duration of three years' full-time study. Out of the 60 ECTS credits referenced above, 10 ECTS credits (or a minimum of 300 hrs of coursework) must come from methods of empirical research, such as data collection and survey design, rigorous qualitative or quantitative data analysis, mathematics or statistics applied to social science. A general course in research methods is not enough and does not count in this case. The overall average mark for your undergraduate degree should be equivalent to 2.5 or better according to the German marking scale or ranked among the best 50% of your cohort. If you are unable to provide your degree and examination certificate for your first degree at the time of application, e.g. because it has not been issued yet, you may send us your transcript (Transcript of Records) instead. This should show the courses and assessments completed as well as the marks/grades/results achieved and comply with the above requirement regarding minimum average marks. If you apply using your transcript instead of the final certificates, you will be offered a place on condition that you submit your final certificates to the Student Registration Office by no later than the 10th week of lectures in the first semester of your degree programme at the University of Passau.


      • Programme taught entirely in English
      • Strong focus on quantitative and qualitative methods
      • Field research opportunities
      • A unique selection of language courses


      Graduates have a wide range of potential career paths within the development field, such as:

      • programme managers for local and international development organisations, including government agencies, non-governmental organisations and community groups
      • policymakers at bilateral and multilateral organisations, such as GIZ, the World Bank and the United Nations, as well as for civil society advocacy groups
      • as researchers and doctoral students, taking the academic career path

      Quelle: http://www.uni-passau.de/en/ma-devstudies/