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Masterstudium in Wirtschaft - Politics & Technology

Politics & Technology (M.Sc.)

Knowledge in engineering or natural sciences

Ein Modul im Master beschäftigt sich mit internationalem Handel und Finanzen.

Stuzubi Stellenbörse

Studiengang der TU München

Worum geht es?

In the program, students will learn advanced methodological tool and analytical skills, diverse theoretical approaches, and normative perspectives that can be applied to understanding the governance of new and existing technologies as well as pressing political and policy questions related to democratic and global governance, climate change, energy transitions, international trade and finance. Students will examine the causes of problems and analyze different policy solutions and instruments.


Regelstudiendauer: 4 Semester


Semesterbeitrag: 129,40 €

Zugang zum Studium

Minimum requirements to apply for a Master's program at TUM are a recognized undergraduate degree (a bachelor's or higher degree is required. Students from different disciplinary backgrounds - political science or comparable social science, or engineering/natural sciences - are welcome to apply) and the successful completion of the aptitude assessment procedure. Aptitude assessment allows the TUM school or department to which you are applying the opportunity to evaluate your individual talents and motivation for study.


  • To combine knowledge in engineering or natural sciences with expertise in political science
  • To integrate know-how, skills, and competencies from different disciplines into the political dialog
  • To analyze and evaluate specific theories and methods of political science
  • To identify opportunities for interdisciplinary working methods and approaches in technology-related fields of action in political science
  • To implement projects independently and on their own responsibility


Our Master´s program gives students first-rate analytical and leadership skills. In this program, that cuts across disciplines, students will gain outstanding skills for careers as analysts, communicators, managers, innovators and leaders at all levels of government and public administration, in the private sector, in think tanks, the media, domestic and international non-profit and non-governmental organizations.

Quelle: https://www.tum.de/studium/studienangebot/detail/politics-technology-master-of-science-msc/